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Crafted for the poker enthusiast who demands both style and substance, the Lumen HD is the table that leaves a lasting impression with every deal.

Innovative Design for Exceptional Play: The Lumen HD table stands out with its kidney-bean shape, offering spacious seating for up to 10 players. Equipped with solid wood "Napa" pedestal legs and waterproof LED lighting that's remote-controlled, this table is not only a visual marvel but also a hub of poker activity. Enhance the dealer's spot with functional add-ons like a built-in shuffler, chip rack, and bill slot/drop box for a seamless gaming flow.

Key Features:

  • Ample Dimensions: With poker dimensions of 101.5 inches in length and 46 inches in width, plus dining dimensions of 106.5 inches by 58.5 inches, the table accommodates large gatherings with ease.

  • Lustrous LED Features: Integrated LED lighting sets the tone for a night of high-stakes poker, providing not just visibility but also a premium atmosphere.
  • Durable and Heavy-Duty: Weighing in at a solid 160 lbs, the Lumen HD's robust construction ensures it remains the centerpiece of your poker room for years to come.

  • Tailored to Your Taste: Fully customizable, from the tabletop's material to the armrests, create a unique poker setting that's all your own.

The Quintessential Poker Table: The Lumen HD transcends the ordinary, offering a poker experience that's unmatched in elegance and excitement. It's a celebration of poker itself, inviting players into an immersive environment where every hand is played in the glow of sophistication. Prepare to dazzle your guests and elevate your game with the Lumen HD.